Turkey has always been a vibrant and popular country to visit, firmly on the avid traveller’s list of most dynamic countries to experience, because it is rich in culture, steeped in history, and is known as the country where East truly meets West.

Aside from its well-documented attraction to travellers, Turkey is now gearing itself up to become the capital of world tourism with the construction of its third airport, which is currently being called Istanbul New Airport. The airport is planned to be the largest in the world with the capacity for 150 million travellers to pass through it every year.

Turkey is already known as “the center of the world because its flagship airline, Turkish Airlines, currently offers flights to over 260 destinations all over the world, so with the completion of Istanbul New Airport Turkey may very well literally become the capital of international travel. The airport is being built in four phases and once it is complete, which is projected to be in 2028, the airport will have six runways and service flights to and from 350 destinations. Phase one of construction is set to be completed in 2018 and when it is complete it is estimated that 90 million passengers will be able to pass through its 11 million square miles of terminal. Because of its location, Turkey is not just where East meets West, but is the hub of travel between Asia and Europe, and its current, largest airport Ataturk, is already the third largest and busiest airport in Europe, but will close once Istanbul New Airport is fully operational.

Istanbul is an Ancient City and was the capital of many empires from the Roman Empire to the Ottoman Empire. Turkey itself is one of the oldest permanently settled regions in the world. The country combines the cultures, religions, food and art of the East and the West, and is influenced by the eight European and Asian countries that shares its border. This makes Turkey a magical place to visit to experience the energy that this clash of culture, history, and now, modernity, creates. Especially Marmaris excursions can be a big part of your holiday.

There is so much more to Turkey though. Turkey is also a prime spot for those that want to lose themselves in Mediterranean coastal splendour. The country is rich in beautiful places such as Marmaris and Fethiye, where deep blue sea hugs dramatic tree-clad mountains and meets rocky coves and gorgeous beaches. Marmaris is a popular cruise ship and yacht port, and has stunning beaches, great fresh food and good wines. Fethiye is another beautiful coastal town with white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and rugged mountains. Aside from beach, boat and town, visitors to Fethiye can visit iconic places such as the historic rock tombs, or the ruins at Kayaköy or Tlos, or catch the lighting up of the fountains of Uğur Mumcu Park. Bodrum is another coastal town where traditional and modern life go hand in hand in a beautiful setting, where visitors experience luxury beach life or walk the ancient and historic castle that overlooks the sea.

Ancient and modern, cultural, historical, city and seaside, Turkey has it all and rightly should be the capital of world tourism.