Ephesus is among the most famous ancient cities and it has an interesting history. It is situated near the city of Izmir and is believed to have been built around the year 1000 BC. According to some historical references, this city was founded by prince Androkols of Athens and he also developed this city. Throughout the history, city of Ephesus played various important roles. It was used as port at the time of its establishment; however later on it became trade and commercial center during ancient times. The city of Ephesus and its surrounding area consist of various historical sites and today it is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Turkey. Tourists from all parts of the world travel here to enjoy holidays and also to get a chance to closely observe such an important historical place.

Ephesus can be a great location for tourism if you have at least some basic level of interest in historical places and want to explore more about ancient history with naked eye observation. Thousands of international tourists visit this area every year and find it very attractive and mesmerizing. However, it is also true that navigating through such an old city can be a real difficult task if you don’t have your own arrangement for transport. If you want to spend some quality time and explore the city of Ephesus car booking for the duration of your stay may be the best option as it would provide you flexibility and freedom to enjoy beautiful natural sites without any worry of travel.

Rental cars in Ephesus are usually the best mode of transport used by national and international tourists. Therefore, we recommend you to consider an option of rental car if you plan to visit this historic area as it will surely multiply your chances of entertainment and enjoyment.