INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: Additional Driver, Unlimited Kilometers, Road Map, 7/24 Roadside Assistance, Mandatory Traffic Insurance, Complimentary Rent a Car Kasko Insurance, Mandatory Accident Insurance (Legal Limit Included) are all included in our prices.

INCLUDED IN MOTORCYCLE PRICES: Additional Driver, Unlimited Kilometers, Road Map, 7/24 Roadside Assistance, Mandatory Traffic Insurance. Other Kasko Insurance does not apply to motorcycles.

ADDITIONAL FEE(S): Tire-Windshield-Light Insurance, One-way drop off, GPS-Navigation, Child Car Seat(s)/Child Booster Seat(s), HGS/Highway Pass are not included in the base price and must be paid separately.

DRIVER INFORMATION AND AGE LIMITS: The driver must be a class M driver (A1 for motorcycles) and must be at least 20 years of age. For a class A and/or B class driver the driver must be at least 21 years of age and must have had a license (domestic or foreign) for a minimum of 2 years.

RENTAL DURATION: There is a minimum rental period of 1 day. A single day rental is calculated at 24 hours and a month-long rental is calculated at 30 days.

LATE RETURN FEE: With a daily rental frame of 24 hours, the late return of a vehicle by 1 hour will be calculated by 1/3 the daily fee, the late return of a vehicle by 2 hours will be calculated by 2/3 the daily fee, and the late return of a vehicle by 3 or more hours will be charged a full day’sfee.

ONE WAY RENTALS: In the instance, a vehicle needs to be returned in a city different than where it was originally rented, a One-Way fee will be charged.

TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS AND GAS: The renter is responsible for any gas, bridge fees, highway fees, and/or traffic tickets. Any retention of the vehicle due to traffic violations is included in the renter’s responsibilities. If vehicles are returned with gas in them the renter will not be refunded the amount left in the vehicle. If vehicles are returned with less gas then what was started with the difference will be charged to the renter.

PAYMENT and CANCELATION FEES: 10% off the rental fee is to be paid at the time of reservation, the remainder is to be paid, in cash, at the time of returning the vehicle. In the case of early return, cancelation, start-of-rental date cancelation there will be no refund on amount already collected and/or fees. A cancelation with a notice of 2 or more days will result in a 50% refund, the other 50% will not be refunded. In case of rentals made within 48 hours there will be no refund on cancelations. A rental date may be changed 48 hours or more in advance to a date within the same week as long as the requested vehicles is available.


In the case that insurance does not cover damages done by renter it is the responsibility of the renter to pay damages and/or fines.

Instances Where Insurances is Void;

1-) If the driver/renter allows a person that is not listed on the rental agreement to use the car

2-) If the driver/renter has an invalid license or less than 2 years driving experience

3-) If the driver/renter has been using alcohol and/or drugs

4-) If an ACCIDENT REPORT is sufficiently filled out and/or an ALCOHOL REPORT is filed then the INSURNACE IS INVALID.

Steps Necessary if Accident Occurs;

1-) Authorities (Police 155; Gendarme 156) and Alp Onuralp of Ephesus Rent a Car need to be notified and an Accident Report and/or Alcohol Report need to be collected,

2-) Vehicle must be photographed before being moved,

3-) Appropriate documents must be filled out including an illustration of the event. Copies of all driver licenses and traffic insurance information must be collected.

The driver/renter, in the case of any kind of accident, without moving the vehicle, must alert the authorities (Police 155; Gendarme 156) and Alp Onurapl of Ephesus Rent a Car. An Accident Report and/or Alcohol Report must be taken or the insurance may be void and the driver/renter will be responsible for all fees.

In the event of a broken antenna, lost and/or damaged keys, damage(s) to key entry point(s), damage(s) to windshield wipers, damage(s) to mirrors, damage(s) to hood, burn marks on inside of vehicle, cigarette burns, excessive dirt on inside and/or outside of vehicle, destroyed tire(s) (a single hole excluded), incorrect benzine use, and/or damages to child seat(s)/booster seat(s) and/or navigation instruments will void the insurance. These damages (if any) are the responsibility of the renter. For additional drivers, a license must be provided at time of rental. Failure to provide the information of additional driver(s) will result in the insurance being void. In case of a stolen vehicle the keys must be returned to Ephesus Rent a Car and the insurance will be void. If the driver is found 100% at fault in an accident the vehicle will be considered unable to use (as deemed by an expert) and the renter will be fined an additional 1900 Turkish Lira as well as daily rental fees for each day that the vehicle is out of service for repairs.


1-) The speed limit within city limits is 50 km/hour. The speed limit outside of city limits is 90 km/hour. The speed limit on highways is 120 km/hour. Speeds of vehicles are monitored by frequent radar and check points, especially in areas outside of city limits. Be mindful of the speed limits.

2-) When possible, park it parking lots and keep the keys with you. If the vehicle is stolen the insurance will be void.

3-) Leave parking receipt and gas receipts in the vehicle. In case of any incidents or in the case of incorrect benzine usage these receipts will be useful in finding the problem.

4-) Ephesus Rent a Car will provide vehicles that are up to date in all aspects to service renters with worry-free vehicles. If there should be any concerns we can be contacted through our 24-hour emergency telephone line. We will immediately provide Roadside Assistance and quickly, and efficiently, solve the problem. If the problem is one that cannot be taken care of in a timely manner, a replacement vehicle will be provided.


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