It won’t be an over-exaggeration if it is said that Kusadasi is one of the most desired holiday spot in Turkey. The history of this city can be traced back to almost 2000 BC and today Kusadasi is a unique combination of nature and history. It is equally popular among Asian and European tourists. Almost one hour drive away from Izmir, Kusadasi has a lot of places and nearby sites, such as Temple of Artemis, House of Virgin Mary and Didyma, which are great attraction for tourists, both national and international.

You may want to visit this city if you plan to spend some quality time with your family or friends and wish to enjoy beauty of the nature. Usually, there isn’t any extraordinary preparation required to visit this great tourist area but one thing you might want to consider is to make appropriate arrangement for your transport, while you remain in this city. Public transports maybe a worthwhile option for someone travelling occasionally but since tourists often travel a lot more than local citizens, it is often recommended to make arrangements for renting a car.

Having a rental car in Kusadasi during your stay will greatly help to reduce your everyday trouble as long as you stay in this beautiful city. First of all, you won’t have to worry about knowing the routes and timing of local transport and secondly you’ll have the leisure to travel anywhere at any time. It is common for tourists to look for rent a car in Kusadasi, therefore it is recommended to make these preparations well in advance to save yourself from later trouble.

Once you have made this necessary arrangement, you’ll be in a much better position to enjoy awesome beauty of this city and have a unique experience of tourism and picnic.